Pass It On



1) Writing Your Own Biography Might Be Critical to Your Success (via Business Insider)  Seems like a worthwhile exercise; even if only to think about.  -Lauren

2) Jimmy Kimmel Shows Cleveland Cavaliers fans (via Jimmy Kimmel) This video is really funny but part of me feels bad for even sharing it.  -Farrell

3) July 1970: Harlem, full of life (via Mashable) Fantastic photo series taken by photographer Jack Garofalo 45 years ago in Harlem.  -Lauren

4) Toxic Shock (via Vice) One of my co-workers shared this aritlce this week and it is really horrifying and I felt like I should share the message. -Farrell

5) Martin Wehmer (via Miss Moss) The texture of the portraits is incredible.  I can’t believe how well it translates to the screen.  -Lauren

6) 5 Yoga Poses to Help Alleviate Anxiety (via Mind Body Green)  Feeling anxious during the work week? These are some awesome and quick poses to help you throughout the day. -Farrell

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