I’m a Bird


Before the power goes out, find the house.  There’s something there inside that will be useful to you in the dawn.

Don’t let yourself continue to sleep so long; repeat the lyrics to your favorite song.  Prepare for flight (an obvious rhyme about casting light).  Prepare for snow, you’re always cold.  Where to go and how and why.  How those birds flap freely in the sky!  Untethered ends

Decorum serves order, simply sung.  Don’t you know you’re not the only one?  Whistling wands create the sun.  Slow it down.  The final plucks.

First voice heard.  humming sweetly starting over | second city of light.

Spring will come, ray by ray.  Bask in brightness, beat your drum.  Summer clouds turn into storms. Bird songs dizzy winding down.

  1. Scooter said:

    I enjoyed reading that! Thanks Lauren

    • Lauren said:

      cool! thanks for saying so 🙂

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