Coast to Coast


F: Who is your favorite character in Mad Men and why?

L: Can Don and Betty count as one character?!  I haven’t watched any of this final half-season and have heard almost nothing about it.  I can’t wait for the seven or so hours I have ahead of me.

F: What is the best meal that you have had in NYC since you have been back?

L: Dad and I went to dinner in the Marlton Hotel on Tuesday night and I had a delicious Atlantic char.  I was really craving fish and it was so good.

F: What are two goals that you are working towards this year?

L: I’m working towards some financial goals and to release guilt.

F: If you could make a living doing anything at all, what would it be?

L: Doing whatever I wanted to be doing that day.

F: Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert?

L: I’d consider myself to be an extroverted introvert; I fall right on the cusp.

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