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My funk this week snuck up on me swiftly. One moment I was fine, the next moment there was this…dis-ease. Sure, this happens now and then. I’ve gotten into a “bad mood” many times before. But this funk was different. The tastes and the textures of it felt unfamiliar. There was almost a distance that I felt from it. There was me and then there was this funk. We were not one in the same. The difference was that I was completely aware of it – as if it was sitting next to me. In dull moments, I would hear it whisper to me. But I would just hush it. I was more aware of the ways my mind was trying to indulge in itself and tell me things that were simply not true. I decided not to take the thoughts and feast on them, like I normally would.  I decided not to pretend to be my own fortune teller (ok, maybe I did for a second, but I caught myself) or re-write history. I decided not to overtalk the funk like I normally would have. Sure, when I felt sad, I let myself. When I felt lonely, I really let myself. When I felt defeated, I let myself. But I didn’t tell myself I AM sad, lonely and defeated. As I write this, I now know that the trigger of this funk was change. Change is a wild beast that can’t be tamed and why would we want it to? It is what makes life exciting, unbelievable and fascinating. Sometimes when it happens in a way that is familiar, I panic.

The biggest game changer in this funk was my awareness of it. I guess I didn’t full realize that that awareness alone is some powerful shit.

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In the morning
drink a warm cup of water

Have a water bottle to fill and
drink throughout the day

Practice yoga as close to daily
as possible. You love it!

Grocery shop. Make smoothies/
smoothie bowls

Eat oatmeal. Make salads

Learn veggie dishes.

Go to sleep before midnight.

Write a little everyday. It can
be on legal paper that
you immediately tear up and
throw away

slowly, slowly

There are so many ways to
live. As a traveler. A worker.
A gypsy. A daughter. A friend.
A host.

Buy a house in Cleveland. Run
it as a bnb. a shop. a
wellness and creative space.


(image: Jeanloup Sieff, Vogue Paris, 1978

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BAKING apple crisp with coconut cream (it’s so easy!)

LISTENING to records in the morning and setting the mood for the day.

WATCHING Azi Ansari’s new show, Master of None. It is pretty entertaining.

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INDULGING in some serious pop music 24/7, including Justins Bieber and Timberlake on heavy rotation.

REFLECTING on a really powerful Phoenix Rising yoga therapy session I received today.  The body is so incredible with all the information it holds within itself.

REDISCOVERING Jerry Seinfield’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  I used to watch this all the time but forgot about it.  Last night I learned I have three seasons to catch up on and I’m so excited.

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Recently, I stumbled across this article about a young model that was quitting Instagram. At first, when I saw the title I thought it was an Oniony-type of article. You know, the kind that is sarcastic, a satire piece. But as I read more, it was serious; about an Australian girl who had over 500,000 followers.  She lived for social media’s approval until one day realized she was done.

It goes on to tell how she had had an epiphany and decided that it was all bogus. She opened up about all the unhealthy things she was doing in order to get more likes and the sponsorships that forced her to fabricate her life. She decided to comment on each of her pictures and tell the real story behind them. She would say things like, “I never even wore this outfit out of the house” or, “I took this image 400 times before I got the right shot.” Her vulnerability and honesty was courageous to me. It might seem comical, but this is the world we live in. People measure their worth on how many likes they get.

I am all about changing social media as we know it. I have never felt fully comfortable with it. I have come to notice that I only click those applications if I am bored, want to avoid being alone or procrastinating. As of right now, I am taking a break from Instagram for a bit and trying to use the time I spent on it to talk to someone in person.

The thing is, I remember a time when Sunday dinners were a thing and people shared their pictures in person. When you would hear the real stories that were attached to the images. I remember when you were bored, you called a friend to play or walked over to the neighbor’s house. I want that time back or at least to know that we are working towards more personal connection and not less. Who is with me?

If you want to see someone living their truth, check out Essena O’Neill’s new website and videos here.


For the first time in five days, I sit by myself. Reflecting on all the cheers-ing, laughing, dancing, hugging, loving and sharing that took place on my trip to Maine and Boston last weekend. The word that comes to mind is heartful.

I know that life ebbs and flows, so I’m trying to give myself fully, but without attachment, to this current state, “still a child, still dancing toward the rhythm of life.”


Flies Buzzing

somewhere in america, in a certain state of grace . . .
Patti Smith

As a child I danced
to the heartful, savage
of the Native, the
American Indian,
in the Turtle Mountains,
in the Round Hall,
in the greasy light of
kerosene lamps.

As a child I danced
among the long, jangle legs of
the men, down
beside the whispering moccasin women,
in close circles
around the Old Ones,
who sat at the drum,
their heads tossed, backs arched
in ancient prayer.

As a child I danced away from the fist,
I danced toward the rhythms of life,
I danced into dreams, into
the sound of flies buzzing.
A deer advancing but clinging to the forest wall,
the old red woman rocking in her tattered shawl,
the young women bent, breasts
drooping to the mouths of their young, the heat
hanging heavy on the tips of our tongues,
until the Sun
burned the sky black, the moon
made us silvery blue and
all of the night sounds, all of the night sounds

folded together with the buzzing
still in our heads,
becoming a chant of ghosts,
of Crazy Horse and Wovoka
and all the Endless Others,
snaking through the weaving through the trees
like beams of ribbons of light,
singing, we shall live again we shall live,

until the Sun and the Sun and the Sun and I
still a child, still dancing
toward the rhythm of life.

Mark Turcotte, “Flies Buzzing” from The Feathered Heart, published by Michigan State University Press. Copyright © 1998 by Mark Turcotte. 

Source: The Feathered Heart (Michigan State University Press, 1998)


image via Getty Images


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EXCITED to head into the holiday season where I get to see all of my friends and family.

SIPPING tea and making pies during this sweet fall season.

SPENDING my downtime like it counts – doing restorative yoga, reading, meditating, cooking, sleeping.


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COMING down from an intoxicating weekend celebrating in Maine with an incredible group of people.

RECONNECTING for the day with one of my oldest & dearest friends in Boston before heading back to NYC.

FEELING grateful.  Really, really grateful.


It has been a long time since I have identified myself as a creative person. When I was younger, I used to write poems and take them very seriously. I would spend all night writing in the dark and let the words fly out of me. As the years passed, I stopped feeling things so deeply. I am not sure what changed. It could be age, it could be maturity, it could be meditation (?!) or apathy. I don’t think it to be a negative thing. Though lately, I have been craving some sort of creative genius within me to come out. For so many years, I focused on more practical and earthly things like keeping my house clean or being organized. But, that all starts to get a little boring.

In the past month, I have gone to two painting classes and though I don’t necessarily fancy myself to be the next Monet, I had fun. I didn’t completely suck. Most of all, I lost myself in the hours of painting. These classes have only cracked the door open for me toward putting my focus in expressing myself in one way or another.

It’s pretty awesome.


*Post inspired by Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.


(image via flickr)

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FOCUSING on self care this week. I have been going and going and it is time for me to slow down.

STARTING to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Big Magic. I have heard so much about it and am ready to embrace my creativity! Who’s with me?!

BOOKING my singing lessons that Lauren got for me for my birthday. I have put it off because I am so scared! Eeeek!


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READING Women Who Run With the Wolves.  I’m not too far into it but the introduction alone was so powerful.  I can’t wait to continue to make my way thru this read!

MARKING a year since I left my full time job.  I couldn’t have imagined the year I’ve had, the places I was able to travel and the time I’ve been able to spend developing personal projects and interests.

LOOKING forward to my first visit to Maine this coming weekend to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful friends!


Hi folks!  It’s been a little while but we wanted to check in, say hello and let you know we haven’t thrown in the towel on blogging.  We’ve had a great summer filled with some quality family time and lots of friend’s wedding, birthday and bachelorette celebrations!  Farrell recently started a new job and I have been busy working on developing my vintage shop, The Disco Emporium (take a look at many of my new pieces here).  Tomorrow I leave for a three week trip to Bali and Java!  I’m super excited and hope to post lots of pictures while I’m away. We’re going to get back to a regular blogging schedule once I’m back but in the mean time we’ll be posting a bit here and there.

Hoping all is well in your world!

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Earlier this summer I was asked by Composure’s Kyle Studstill to share two modern role models / people who inspire me for a series he has developed called, For Those Who Craft.

“In July I asked creative people in the Composure world to reflect on and share the exemplars who have influenced their art,” Kyle writes. “Here you’ll find a small series of collections curated by these artists—within each collection you’ll find a pair of inspiring projects, the curator’s take on their significance, and a theme that ties them all together.

Inside are ideas to introduce to one another, connections to be made. And in this way we dance.”

You’ll find info on & links to my modern role models, my dear friend Meaghan Calcari Campbell and artist Jimmy Marble under “PERSPECTIVE for those who work with WORDS.”

Thank you to Kyle for including me in this project.  I can’t wait to explore those named by the other contributors!

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