Dis-connect to Re-connect

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Recently, I stumbled across this article about a young model that was quitting Instagram. At first, when I saw the title I thought it was an Oniony-type of article. You know, the kind that is sarcastic, a satire piece. But as I read more, it was serious; about an Australian girl who had over 500,000 followers.  She lived for social media’s approval until one day realized she was done.

It goes on to tell how she had had an epiphany and decided that it was all bogus. She opened up about all the unhealthy things she was doing in order to get more likes and the sponsorships that forced her to fabricate her life. She decided to comment on each of her pictures and tell the real story behind them. She would say things like, “I never even wore this outfit out of the house” or, “I took this image 400 times before I got the right shot.” Her vulnerability and honesty was courageous to me. It might seem comical, but this is the world we live in. People measure their worth on how many likes they get.

I am all about changing social media as we know it. I have never felt fully comfortable with it. I have come to notice that I only click those applications if I am bored, want to avoid being alone or procrastinating. As of right now, I am taking a break from Instagram for a bit and trying to use the time I spent on it to talk to someone in person.

The thing is, I remember a time when Sunday dinners were a thing and people shared their pictures in person. When you would hear the real stories that were attached to the images. I remember when you were bored, you called a friend to play or walked over to the neighbor’s house. I want that time back or at least to know that we are working towards more personal connection and not less. Who is with me?

If you want to see someone living their truth, check out Essena O’Neill’s new website and videos here.

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