As If It Were a Dream / 4


Clearly I should have worn the layered button down blouse with my over-sized handbag and above the knee skirt.  What was I thinking?!  In this overly pulled together skirt suit and classic bag I screamed standard, safe…predictable.  I didn’t stand a chance under the black and white lense.  It wasn’t my fault, exactly.  No one told me that there would be a geometric overlay.  In two colors no less.  My shoes were adventurous but how would you ever know?  And it’s not like his shoes were anything exciting.  But they were visible and that’s something, I guess.  Next time I’d know better.  I’d loose the understated but eternally classic double button jacket.  I’d shorten my skirt.  And I’d inevitably second guess the change when I spotted her looking just like I do today.

As If It Were A Dream is an ongoing series in which I will pair an image with some of my own writings. Previous installments: 1 / 2 / 3

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