Coast to Coast

Lauren is the question master this week, so looks like I have some answers for you!


L: What trait do you most like about yourself?

F: I feel like I can get a long with almost everyone. Also, I rarely get nervous about going into unknown social situations.

L:  What’s the last song you listened to?

F: “Africa” by Toto. I listened to this with Al (boyfriend) and David (brother) and we just talked about how awesome it is throughout the whole song. It is so awesome I am going to share it here.

L:  Have you been meditating?

F: I have been meditating every morning. I only do about 20 to 25 minutes since I stopped for a bit. I need to work my way back up to 35-40.

L:  Do you go to a farmers market in L.A.?

F:  I sure do. In fact, I go every Tuesday and Saturday. I am obsessed with mint. I put it in my smoothies and tea, so I get that about twice a week. I also buy my spinach there every week.

L:  Will you take a video of something and post it?<

F: Here ya go:

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