Second Decade

I just watched this TED talk by clinical psychologist Meg Jay. Although I just turned 28, it is starting to feel like all of my peers are turning 30 or older; and there is a lot of 30 talk on the blogs that I read. I found this talk through one of our own contributors, Erin, from Well in L.A. The topic is very interesting to me as my friends and I always find ourselves in conversations about our generation.  As the economy has changed, I think it’s a strange time to be in your 20s. Meg Jay has some insights on how to get through them in a more beneficial way.

Here are her 3 tips for 20 somethings:

1. Get some identity capital – Do something that counts toward the person that you want to be.

2. Use your weak ties – connect with your weak ties for new friends, jobs and potential life partners.

3. Pick your family – Though you might not be able to pick the family you grew up with, you can start to pick the family you will have of your own.

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