Indian Antics

As I told you on Saturday, we are in India. In Chennai, India to be exact. We have been here at the Babuji Memorial Ashram for 2 weeks and it has been so wonderful for us to stay put somewhere that is so calming.

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If any of you have been to India, it can be kind of hilarious. Here are some hilariously awesome things about this place:

  • People here always refer to a man as a fellow. So they will say something like, “Don’t do that to me fellow,” or “He is just a young fellow of 18+.”
  • Albert has been working out at a gym down the street where the manager gives him ridiculous workouts to do in front of everyone, all while blasting Phil Collins and Ace of Base especially for the American in the gym.
  • When you meet someone they will ask you, “What is your good name?” For some reason, I always feel like I am lying when I tell them Farrell.
  • The Indian head bobble. Check out this amazing article about each kind of bobble.

Of course with all the hilariousness also comes chaos, frustration and waves of heat insanity, but the hilarious moments can make it all worth it.

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  1. Bethany said:

    oh the Indian head bobble….. wish I was there with you lady!

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