Surf’s Up

Several years ago some of our family was trying to talk our grandmother, Nonnie, into buying a computer.  She wanted nothing to do with it.   They tried to sell her on the merits of keeping in touch via email and the breadth of possibility offered by the web.  But she was obstinate in her refusal.  Still trying to sway her, we asked her why she was so uninterested.  With some aggravation and her characteristic quick-wit, she replied, “What am I going to do, sit around and surf all day?!”

(National Geographic image via Flickr)

Touche.  But should you fancy a surf, I’ve put together some links below I think are worth a visit.

1. Design Love Fest filmed a marvelously spooky & stylish video tribute to Stanley Kubrick

2.  A rundown of some humorous, quick truths about what it’s like to live in NYC.

3.  The New Yorker quickly noticed that its readers differed in their method of voicing reaction to this week’s magazine cover based on political leanings.  I think the cartoon is hilarious, while slightly irreverent.

4.  I am definitely making this fabulously delicious looking Goddess Bowl with Tahini Sauce from Healthy Crush.  So easy and perfect for fall.

5.  Tig Notaro’s post-cancer diagnosis comedy set, LIVE, is so, so worth the $5 download cost on Louis CK’s website.  Words I’ve seen used to describe it include honest, candid, raw, funny, relatable, open-hearted personal, brave, motivational and inspirational.  It is so touching.  You can also listen to an except for free at This American Life.

Have a great weekend!

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