Stuck In a Rut

Yesterday, I wrote a guest post over at WELL in L.A. about my efforts, guidance and inspiration for keeping myself from becoming – and staying – stuck in life.  Today, I’m applying those same general principles to my wardrobe and offering you my top four tips to avoid getting stuck in a fashion rut.

(image via Buamai)

1.  The clothes in my closet make me look and feel amazing

Imagine if this was your mindset before you even began to pick out an outfit.  Personally, I know my thoughts fall far more often into the realm of I have nothing to wear or everything I own makes me look…[insert a slew of critical descriptions].  But if you can get on board with the idea that the energy behind your thoughts contributes to your experience, why not apply it to all things in life – big and small.

2.  “Let yourself be silently drawn to the stronger pull of what you really love.”  ~Rumi

I came across this Rumi quote earlier this year and it has been a continual source of liberating guidance for me.  Though I hadn’t before thought much of applying these words to my clothing selections, I can’t really think of a better style tip.  I know I have a bunch of things I love in my closet, yet I often return to the same few items over and over.  Or, I don’t wear certain things because I have somehow categorized them as only for a particular season, or type of event.  Dig a little deeper and reintegrate those items that have been forgotten.

3.  Strut your stuff

I mean this one literally and figuratively.  I think it’s hard to underestimate the psychological value of both getting outside to take a walk, and loving the shoes you’re in.  Everything from the feet up can be the most basic of basic but feeling good about your footwear can do wonders for your overall look.  So strap on a pair, stand up tall and take in the world around you.

4. Just get it done

Create the time and space to leave the house feeling good about the way you look.  There’s no need to wait until you can afford a whole new wardrobe, have lost that extra weight or have somewhere exciting to go.  You deserve to feel good, inside and out.  Today’s the day.


Hop over to WELL in L.A. if you missed my post yesterday, and while you’re there, spend some time perusing all the goodness that Erin has to offer.  The girl absolutely exudes motivation, inspiration and love.

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