POP-Up Shop: Burning Man Style Prep

At this time four years ago, I was getting myself ready to spend a week in the desert at Burning Man. I had never been before and had very little idea what to expect. I’d heard a smattering of details about this week-long event in which thousands of people transcend upon Black Rock City, Nevada and set-up an entire city, of sorts. After the festivities are over, everything is taken down, cleaned up and sought to be left without a trace.

There are so many experiences to be had at Burning Man that it is nearly impossible to easily convey what goes on there. In my best attempt, it combines a festival, art colony, camp ground, rave and commune into one experience where anything is possible.


(picture of me via Flickr)

People attend Burning Man for the community, the party, the art, the music and the freedom. A big draw for me was the dress. As you know, (Farrell &) I absolutely love an occasion to don a wig, wear a costume or the like. And when it comes to this, absolutely anything goes at Burning Man.

Though I haven’t been back since my first time, that isn’t stopping me from taking part in the fun. So, as the second installment of our POP-Up Shop, here are a few of my Burning Man Prep selections:

Burning Man Prep List

Feather Headdress
Goggles to keep the playa dust out of your eyes
Fun Metallic Sequin Dress
Silk Wooden Parasols
Silly Light Up Flower Rings
Desert Wedge Boots
False Eyelashes
LED Bracelet Watch
Bubbles ’cause why not?!
Bike for exploring
Disco Ball necklaces for gifting
Dust mask for sudden dust storms

The items in this shop link to Sister Disco’s Amazon Associates account.  So basically, when you click through to check out an item, and then make a purchase at amazon.com
(regardless of what it is), we get a cut.  Shop away, dear friend.

  1. ancient.column said:

    way to turn it around

  2. Ahhh!!! I love this post! I’ve always wanted to go… working up the nerve (and hoping they have tickets the year I want to go!). Thanks for inspiring!

  3. maryblakemore said:


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