Wigging Out

Farrell and I share a love for dressing up in costume and both really enjoy the transformative power of donning a wig.

It is a passion clearly inherited from our fun-loving mother.

There’s really nothing like that instantaneous feeling of metamorphosis that suddenly takes over.  A simple change in color, style, texture or length and voila, a whole new you!

I have many recollections of past Halloween and costume parties, as well as a few random just-because moments, that were heavily enhanced by sporting a wig.  But among them all, there’s one in particualar that really stands out.

When I was in college, I studied abroad in Prague for a semester.  My friends and I found an awesome wig store on one of our weekend trips away and each bought one as a souvenir.  My friend Jo selected a long, straight-haired purple number with bangs.  On the last night of our program, she wore it out to the neighborhood bar, directly across the street from our dorms.  The place was the epitome of a local watering hole and its Czech patrons could not have been more dismissive of our presence throughout our entire stay.  They were clearly unamused by, and uninterested in, the slue of American college students that regularly invaded their spot.

That was all until Jo introduced the purple wig.  We were in the ladies room when, to our amazement, one of the Czech women there not only acknowledged us but motioned to ask if she could try on the wig.  She slipped it on her head and a sudden display of joy and amusement came over her.  She and her friends fell out in uncontrollable squeals of laughter.  And then one by one, every woman in the group took her moment.  Each trying on the wig in the bathroom, making a grand entrance back into the bar and taking a lap as would a fashion model.  The best part of it all was that the same level of joy and howling laughter occurred with every woman’s turn.  Tears ran down our cheeks we were all laughing so hard!  It was awesome…

…because no matter who you are, every once in awhile, it’s important to let yourself totally wig out!

  1. ancient.column said:

    while I was reading your entry I noticed an add for a local wig shop had appeared at the top of the page. I’m running out right now!

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