Gotta’ Wonder

Doesn’t everything feel so intense when you are traveling?  I guess it is unavoidable to sometimes wonder why we are on such a trip.  Sometimes thoughts of home stab me.  I am not really someone that likes to miss out on things.  And there are times when I really question, what am I doing?  I could take the rest of the money I saved for this trip and just go home.


Then there are other times when we end up in JUST the right place.  The place that we need to be at that moment.  I know my mom would say that you are always where we need to be and yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.  Sometimes that place sucks.  I hated Phuket for some reason.  I wanted out of there the second we got a room.  It felt like Daytona Beach or something.  Really trashy.

I have realized that you really find out the things you like and don’t like when you travel like this.  It takes effort to get to places and you have to be honest with yourself about what you are really trying to do with your time and money.


(image via Flickr)

So, I guess as I am writing this, I am realizing why I am on this trip and why I always wanted to take a trip like this – to get to know myself better.  Also, as my Mommom would say, “Why not?”

Sometimes, the answer can be that simple.

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