Coast to Coast

Essex Street subway station

Essex Street subway station

F: What is your favorite part about the heat?

L: The feeling of warmth.  I also just really love nights when you’re with the people you love and it’s too hot to do anything but lay around and talk to each other.

F. What is your favorite summer treat? Food and drink?

L:  Probably ice cream.  Not frozen yogurt, not gelato, not Pinkberry.  I’m talking real, American ice cream.  It’s more difficult than you’d think to find in NYC.  A Dairy Queen blizzard works too.

F. Are there any movies that you are interested in seeing?

L: Yes!  I want to see “The Kings of Summer.”

F. If you were to become an artist, what medium would you express yourself through?

L:  This is my most difficult question.  I guess I’d say every medium to which I have access.  Except song, I’m a terrible singer.

F. What is your favorite picture of yourself? Post it girl.


L:  I don’t know about all-time favorite but this is a picture of me straight off the playa at Burning Man.  I had had the most amazing week and felt perhaps the best I ever have in my life.  I can’t believe it was five years ago and that I haven’t made it back since.  It also reminds me of the POP Up Shop: Burning Man Style Prep post I did last summer.  All so fun!

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