Pass It On



1) Louis C.K. on Why New York is better than L.A. (via Business Insider)  I don’t always love his humor but I do really enjoy Louis C.K.’s perspectives on life.  The whole NYC vs L.A. comparison is only a small part of this interview but makes for a good headline, I guess.  Really the two cities are so different, in my opinion, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to dwell on which place is better.  Anyway, a worthwhile read.  -Lauren

2) Children Find Their Moms (via Aplus) If you are looking for something to sweeten up your day, watching children finding their moms while they are blindfolded will do the trick. –Farrell

3) Lazy: A Manifesto (via Tim Ferriss Podcast) is a 15 minute audio clip of a chapter in Tim Kreider’s book, We Learn Nothing.  With humor, it speaks to our culture’s reliance on being so busy or too busy, almost as a status symbol.  Food for thought.  -Lauren

4) Call For Help (via This American Life) I can just barely imagine what it would be like to be in a serious emergency. This podcast is a collection of stories about people who were in need of serious help and what they went through during the process. –Farrell

5) 1.5 Million Missing Black Men (via NYTimes) This isn’t right.  We need to do better. –Lauren

6) What Finger Length Reveals about your Personality (via Sunny Skyz) In case you were wondering how the length of your fingers relates to who you are, this article is for you! –Farrell

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