Flying High

IMG_7137 I am still flying high from all of the amazing things that happened during my birthday week. I felt so loved and supported. I was also reminded of how wonderful all of my friends and family are. 30 is going to be a great year. I can already feel it! Here are some of the highlights that I can’t stop thinking about:

6 a.m. dance party with my mama that was busted by the cops.

Searching for rocks on the beach.

An amazing dinner with my family.

My sister’s wonderful birthday post to me.

How thoughtful my friends are.

Being surprised at a blow out salon in Beverly Hills.

All of my friends slowly arriving from the airport.

How loved and supported I felt.

All of Albert’s meals that he made for us.

How exciting it is to me when all of my people are together in one place.

How much time and planning everyone spent to make it happen.

I appreciate it all so much and feel like such a lucky girl.

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