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1)  you’re effortlessly cool

2)  you’re a positive influence on everyone around you

3)  you are really good at cheering people (me) up

4)  you trust your gut

5)  you’re the best person to be in an uncomfortable situation with

6)  you are incredibly efficient

7)  you don’t put up with stuff you don’t like

8)  you’re completely reliable

9)  your impressions are super funny

10)  you make people feel incredibly loved and special

11)  you’re really good at keeping in touch when you’re far away

12)  you are supportive and encouraging

13)  you’re adventurous

14)  you like to share new information and experiences you’ve had with the people in your life

15)  you are brave

16)  you’re always down to dance

17)  you make deep connections with people

18)  you’re so easy to talk to

19)  you are committed to your health

20)  you’re fun

21)  you aren’t afraid to say how you feel, or even if you are, you say it anyway

22)  you are really good with little kids

23)  you are dedicated to living life as your best self and put talk into action

24)  you love physical comedy and so it makes me laugh more knowing you’d be cracking up watching it

25)  you’re stable & on top of your shit

26)  you are generous

27)  you love amenities more than anyone I know

28)  you’re so pretty

29)  you make our whole family proud

30)  you will always be my little sister, no matter what age you are

  1. AML said:

    You are so loved by your sister. Wonderdul!

  2. Farrell said:

    Lulu! I love you so much! Thank you for all of this and just being my sister. Couldnt do anything of these things without you!

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