Pass It On



1.  SPIN Album of the Week: Monster Rally and Jay Stone’s Hip Hop Vacation, ‘Foreign Pedestrians’ (via SPIN) is our younger brother’s latest album.  We couldn’t be more proud of all the things he’s doing right now.  -Lauren


2.  WANT aka Women Against Negative Talk was just launched by the co-editor of The Chalkboard.  This site is so eye catching and draws you in.  It was a wonderful surprise in my inbox this week.  –Farrell


3.  Getting Grief Right (via reminds us, “…there is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is no pressure to move on. There is no shame in intensity or duration. Sadness, regret, confusion, yearning and all the experiences of grief become part of the narrative of love for the one who died.”  -Lauren


4.  The Period Store is an interesting and funny site that Lauren sent me this week after my post about hormones. It is an online store where you sign up for a monthly period box. It’s a pretty crazy and hilarious idea.  –Farrell


5.  Age 40: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That (via ‘Cause every age is the new 40  -Lauren


6.  Babies blown away by being in tunnels is a video that completely made my day yesterday.  I think it is the funniest thing.  We all know driving through tunnels is awesome.  –Farrell


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