Pass It On



1.)  Why You Hate Work (via the New York Times) was sent to me and my team by our boss this week.  It really makes you think about what is important to you in your workplace.  -Farrell


2.)  Cate Blanchett (via Porter Magazine) in an enjoyable serious of bright, interesting and colorful photos.  She’s one of my favorites.  -Lauren


3.)  In A Relationship (via Vogue ) is one of my favorite short films that I have seen in a while!  Check it. -Farrell


4.)  The Locals’ Guide to Santa Monica (via Refinery 29) is helping me get the lay of the land out here and adding items to my list of places/things to check out.  -Lauren


5.) Dancing Nana is something I have watched numerous to crack me up throughout the week. It is a dancing grandma. I want to be just like this grandma.  -Farrell


6.)  At 90, She’s Designing Tech For Aging Boomers (via NPR) …and I guess I want to be just like this grandma; innovatin’ and dancing with my sister.  -Lauren

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