Since Lauren has been here I have really been trying to make our house a home.  It can be hard because neither Albert or I really like to get “things.”  We like to live a simple and minimal life.  We struggle with purchasing things unless we REALLY love them and in turn we end up mostly with random items and hand-me-downs.  There is also a bit of an identity crisis that comes up when trying to decorate your home.  You really have to ask yourself, who am I?  What do I like?  So far, there have been a couple of things I have seen that have kept me inspired and ready to chug along with the process.

Image found via Remodelista

Image found via Remodelista


Image found via A Beautiful Mess

Image found via ABJ Glassworks

Image found via ABJ Glassworks

Image found via Bohomixology

Image found via Bohomixology

I will keep you all posted on the apartment transformation! It is the little adjustments that count.

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