Pass It On



1)  7 Cultural Concepts We Don’t Have In the U.S. (via include a whole lot of nods to the importance of spending time in nature, finding coziness and practicing ingenuity.  -Lauren


2)  Send the Gift of Glitter to Your Enemies (via Over Thanksgiving we had some glitter in our wrapping paper when we exchanged gifts and for days everyone had glitter on their faces! I think its a hilarious idea to send glitter to anyone. -Farrell


3)  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (via was linked to in this week’s reflection by Composure.  It is an entertaining, if not crass, read on being deliberate with the ways you spend your energy. –Lauren


4) How to Understand Introverts (via Atchuup)  I feel like this article shed some light about the differences between introverts and extraverts.  I can also see that I have a little bit of both in me as well.  –Farrell


5)  How Yoga Changes the Brain (via Scientific American)  Spoiler: It enlarges several ares of the brain which control things such as a mental map of the body, directing attention, reducing stress, and our concept of self.  -Lauren


6) Working on a 6 Pack (via Delightfully Tacky) This is the workout that I am doing and I hope to have an 8 pack in no time! – Farrell


7) The Lighthouse Works Fellowship Program (via The Listings Project) is now accepting applications for visual artists, writers and musicians to spend six-weeks (with housing & stipend included) on Fisher’s Island, NY!  Sounds magical. –Lauren

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