A new year, a new tarot

By now, you all must be familiar with Osho cards since Lauren and I both love them.  On January 1st, my beautiful spiritual running buddy and I did readings for each other.  This was one of the strongest readings that I have had yet.


Because each card is really up for interpretation, here is mine:  Although a lot of people tend to express themselves outwardly through creativity, I will focus more on myself as my form of creativity, reminding myself that making myself better is enough for now.  I will also find that through meditation this process with be much quicker and more enjoyable, also while remembering that the master is simply a reflection of yourself.  I have hit a new level of maturity (I will be 30 this year!) and through that comes wisdom and all things will seem more rational and calming.  The bottom card is possibilities which is meant to remind you that, as my mother says, “all options are available.”  Everything does not need to be done the same way.  You can create your own path.  And last but not least, change.  There are no certainties in life other than change.  I have come to know this at a very young age and feel it has shaped my expectations.  This card is a good reminder that all things change and though a door may close another one will always open.

Even if you don’t “believe” in tarot cards, it is always a fun thing to do.  If you are in the mood, try pulling your own card from Osho.com.

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