Pass It On

1) Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off to 1989 aerobics has had me cracking up all week. –Farrell

2)  How To: Mini Snow Globes is one of many such tabs taking over my browser.  Seasonal DIY fantasy life is in full effect.  -Lauren

3) Locating Yourself is a quick video about where you are.  Are you above the line or below? –Farrell

4) What Is the Meaning of OM? Did you know that there are four sounds that make up the sound OM and one of them is silence?!  –Lauren

5) The 10 Most Livable Global Cities for Balancing Work and Play.  I’ve only been to one of these cities (Berlin) but I’m waaaay into the concept!  –Lauren

6) Daybreaker is an early morning, weekday dance party that I partook in yesterday morning at 6:30am and it was SO fun.  I recommend to anyone to go! –Farrell

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