Art is Life / Life is Art


The week after Suz died I remembered feeling an acute sense of the importance of art. There was something about someone’s life ending that really made me think about what is significant to do while we are here on Earth. Self expression came to mind, which then to me became art. This may sound heavy, or whimsical, but we are human beings having a human experience and there are times when it can be profound, frustrating, beautiful, enlightening, suffocating, etc. I don’t think any form of self expression is ever wasted. When I was younger, I secretly thought of myself as a poet. I sat in my room for years writing poem after poem. Of course at the time my poems seemed on the verge of award winning but looking back they are full of angst and confusion. I was feeling so much at the time that I needed to do something with those emotions, so I just scribbled words on page.

I don’t care what ways you choose to express yourself, whether it be through dance, jokes, fashion, speeches, writing, jumping – whatever it is that makes you feel free for just one second – do it. Those moments are not wasted. Somewhere those moments will last forever and you will leave an imprint.

[posted by Farrell]

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  1. Mom said:

    I think you’re really onto something. if each person on the planet is unique and has their own vision to offer, than it is imperative that they are creative because that’s the only way to express who they truly are. It’s their gift to all of us.

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