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This past week my Mom and I went to a psychic channeling circle. Yep, you read that right!  One of the messages that I got directly was dealing with the feline form. I have had a deep fear of cats ever since I can remember.  I have nightmares involving cats to this very day.  People always ask me why and I really don’t have a good answer.  I don’t remember any terrifying experience with a cat from when I was little.  I have never owned a cat of my own.  It is an unexplainable fear.  Anyways, the psychic mentioned this fear and how I need to explore it a bit.  He also mentioned that the fear of cats comes from the qualities in them that I see in myself.  Normally, I wouldn’t pay as much attention to it except for when I woke up the next day I found that it was National Cat Day!  So, I have made a promise to my mom that I will look into the mythology and mysticism of cats throughout the ages. I am not sure what I will find or if it will alter my life in any way, but as my grandmother says, “why not?!”

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  1. lisa.gallagher.188@facebook.com said:

    Can’t wait to hear about your journey into cat (woman)

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