Coast to Coast

F:  How is your getaway in the Hamptons?

L: Well, I only just arrived so it’s a little yet to be seen (even more so because I arrived after dark).  More to come once I’ve taken in a few daylight hours.

F:  What are the fall trends around the city?

L:  Ankle boots, patterned scarves, black leather motorcycle jackets and hats – among many others, I’m sure.

F:  How do you feel about being back in New York after spending some time at home?

L:  I got completely nostalgic for NYC listening to this interview, “Writers on Loving and Leaving New York,” when I was home.  The past couple of days back have been great!  I attended a portion of the 2014 Travel + Social Good Summit on Friday, spent the whole day with some of my closest peeps on Saturday, saw some live jazz that evening, and had a late afternoon cocktail with this beauty on a boat-turned-oyster bar on Monday.  All good things!

F:  Are you planning a trip out to California?!

L:  Yes!  Theoretically I am, anyway.  We need to figure out when I should come.  When should I come?

F:  Do you have any plans for your birthday?

L:  Nothing set as of now.  I’m not looking to make much of a thing of it this year so however the day goes will be fine with me!

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