Pass It On


1) Malcolm Gladwell Shares The Single Most Important Factor Of A Person’s Success (via Business Insider)  Not what I thought it was going to be but makes sense.  -Lauren

2) Serial Podcast (via NPR) I look forward to this podcast every Thursday as it takes you through a real life murder mystery. –Farrell

3) Research shows that drinking a glass of red wine is the same as getting an hour of exercise (via Bustle) Too bad I am allergic to red wine or I would be using this excuse every day!  –Farrell

4) 10 Job Search Tricks That Will Change Everything You’ve Been Doing (via TIME)  Y’all don’t mind if I also use these posts to bookmark links, do you?!   -Lauren

5) MacArthur Grantee Rick Lowe on Art as Community (via Hyperallergic)  Interesting conversation about the term ‘social change’ vs ‘social justice’ and their role in the art world.  –Lauren

6) A day in Free + Native’s shoes (via Free + Native) I love this site and this post really got me thinking about daily routines. -Farrell

7) Winter Skin (via Garance Dore)  I’ve been going heavy on the jojoba oil this fall; am happy to see it suggested for the winter months as well.  -Lauren

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