Coast to Coast

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L: What’s a U.S. city that you’ve never been to but think you might like to visit?

F: New Orleans sticks out the most. It seems so fun! I gotta get there. I also want to go visit Bozeman and see Julie.

L:  What is your favorite recipe in the new Clean cookbook?

F: The Mediterranean Rice Noodles. It is SO good. I made it for my co-workers last week. It is such a light spring time noodle dish that is great for summer picnics or even lunch.

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L:  Are you working towards any goals right now?

F: This might sound like a silly goal but I am trying not to be so lazy after work. I am trying to get a work out in or go on a bike ride. It is so easy to just lay around after I am done with work. I rarely really do that, but I feel like doing it every day.

L:  Do you think you’re in danger of embracing the re-emergence of the Birkenstock sandal?

F: I thought we promised never to go down that road?! I haven’t seen any that I have liked yet. Thank the good lord!

L:  What’s the most recent photo you’ve taken?

F. Rhubarb is only in season for a blink of an eye and when it is, you have to whip up a strawberry rhubarb pie. I promise you will never regret it. I think this is my best pie so far.
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