Juan Genovés – Conjetura, 2007

Safe to say I find myself lost on the internet pretty much every day.  Currently, as I write this post I have 17 tabs open in my browser.  I spend a lot of time, on a very regular basis, getting lost in a web of thoughts, searches and entertainment.  I find things I want to explore further (or go back to), abandon the page I’m on and tab to the next.  Yet when Farrell asked me to name something fun I’d found on the internet last week, I could not think of anything!  Actually, it was only in my attempt to think of/find something that I came across the Humans of New York post I ended up using.  I’m really realizing how unfocused and unproductive this time is, to say nothing of the fact that just this morning I was reading about how the content we consume each day imprints itself onto our subconscious.  So, I am working on approaching the internet with purpose & sharpening my focus.  Setting tasks and sticking to them!

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