One Word, Two Ways: Morning




I have never been a morning person and the thought of coffee has for many years been my biggest motivator for getting out of bed.  At the suggestion of the holistic practitioner I saw last week, I have been drinking a glass of water with a half of lemon every morning.  I can’t believe how much I look forward to this simple drink.  It is so refreshing and hydrating, which has been especially appreciated on these hot, muggy June mornings.



I am a morning person. Always have been. Although I don’t always wake up whistling or dancing, I achieve a lot of things in the morning. One important part of my life is my morning routine. Nothing keeps you on your life path like a solid morning routine. It goes a little something like this.

Hot Lemon Water

Time to chill



These are the things that start my body, my mind and my day on the right track. I just love my morning times!

  1. MaryClare Feighan said:

    Who knew? Turns out our bodies get dehydrated overnight. I am with you. I start my morning with a large glass of water. Now I am inspired to add some fresh lemon.;-) I drink this while fixing my own blended concoction of chai. (I have yet to learn to like coffee.) Also, Farrell, wanna let you know I am in the middle of “May Cause Miracles.” Trish tells me you love Gabby! The lifelong process of a good life.
    Love you both,
    Auntie MC

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