Coast to Coast

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F. Tell me about your 4th of July. I ask this because I missed you.

L:  I had an awesome 4th of July.  I went to my friend’s parent’s house in NJ.  The day included swimming hole swimming, some sauna-ing, a super fun lawn game called Kube, an attempt at building a fire and other shenanigans.  Later in the weekend  I camped in the Hamptons and spent lots of time at the beach.  All and all pretty fabulous.  I missed you too.

F. Have you been cooking for yourself? If so, what have you made?

L:  Not a lick.  For better or worse, I can’t even remember the last meal I made for myself (other than oatmeal at work).

F. Where is one place that you would love to travel?


Banff National Park via here

L:  I’d really like to go to Banff, Canada.  I never used to be much of a mountain person, and maybe it’s in response to 11 years in NYC, but I’m more and more drawn to this type of nature nowadays.  It seems beautiful there.

F. What is your favorite beverage at the moment?

L:  I’m still endlessly enjoying my lemon water in the mornings.  I’ve also developed a taste for rose wine this summer.  It used to taste like vinegar to me but now I find it so refreshing.

F.  Are you scared to die? 🙂

L:  I wouldn’t say I’m scared to die but isn’t something I’m really looking forward to either.  It seems to me that facing death with ease and acceptance is the way to go because ultimately there’s really nothing any of us can do to avoid it, but easy for me to say…

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