A Little Bit of Everything

The Shard London’s Tallest Tower By Renzo Piano-12

This week has taken me a little all over the place – and it’s only just about halfway done.  In chronological order, I have slept in, ventured out and centered back.  I’ve shown up, played a game and had fun.  I have dressed up and held back and learned new things about people I see every day.  I got drunk and gossiped.  I came home, I vegged-out.  I woke up early and I mourned a friend’s loss.  I’ve been rejected, empowered, engaged and engaging.  I’ve been pulled back into my past and have experienced new hopes for the future.  I tried adding an avocado to my green smoothie (ill-advised); I wasted away a lot of time.  I felt grateful frequently and often self-critical.  I’ve seen a little bit of everything.  I imagine you have too.

(image via here)

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