Taking It Offline

As I have said before, making new friendships and strengthening existing relationships has been a wonderful and unanticipated by-product of blogging.  One of the great new friendships I have made is with Kate of Art Hound and Buy Some Damn Art.  Together, she and I are hosting an offline series for NYC bloggers, e-business owners and women passionate about creating and exploring online.  If you live in NYC and fall into one (or more) of these categories, I hope you can join us.

Taking It Offline

Event Information:

While there are a million ways to connect online via Facebook, Pinterest, etc., the reality of blogging or running an online business is that it can be isolating!  Taking It Offline is a meet-up for women in NYC who are pursuing their entrepreneurial or creative passions online (or who wish to start doing so in the future).  If you’d like to meet other NYC bloggers or business-owners, get feedback on your awesome ideas for a blog/business, ask silly questions about WordPress or just socialize, join us for the first Taking It Offline from 2-4 p.m. on April 27th.  Location address to follow RSVP.  Visit our Facebook event page.

  1. KD said:

    What a great idea, Lauren. Wish I was in NYC and could join.

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