Homie of the Day: Katie of Suburbling

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to one of my oldest & closest friends, and new blogger, Katie of Suburbling.  Katie has always been a natural when it comes to writing and her genuine, thoughtful and down-to-earth personality shines through in all of her posts.  I can’t wait to see how her blog continues to develop and I’m certain you’ll find it worth returning to again and again!  Thanks, Katie!


Blogging Advice from an Internet Wallflower


(image via here)

I’ve been blogging for approximately two weeks now, so when Lauren and Farrell invited me to be the Homie of the Day, I decided it was high-time I dispensed some advice on blogging.

Really. I’m going to give some advice on blogging.

Fear not, I don’t purport to be an expert just yet. But I do have a little advice from my two weeks as a blogger, and the weeks before when I was thinking about blogging and thinking some more about blogging.

See, the decision to start a blog was a tough one for me because I suffer from a severe case of internet shyness. I was a late-comer to Facebook and rarely update my status. My Pinterest pages are woefully empty. I prefer to reply instead of reply-all. But, mostly thanks to Lauren, I took a deep breath and got out there. And I’m having fun with it.

So, here’s my advice for other internet wallflowers:

1. Just start writing. Write what interests you. Write what’s in your head.
2. Imagine you’re writing for a good friend. Don’t worry about appealing to a certain audience, or what others might think. Don’t wonder if someone will find you interesting.
3. Use blogs you love as models. (The first few posts I did felt like I was pretending to blog.)
4. Decide how often you want to post and stick to it. The best way to be interesting is to keep saying new and different things.
5. Enjoy it. The blog should be an outpouring of things you’d want to read and talk about — therefore, lots of fun to put together.

And now, here’s some great advice from an experienced blogger on how to blog for the long haul. And some on blogging as a career. And a compilation of blogging advice from bloggers much more experienced than I.

So, thanks, Lauren, for making me get off my chair and join the conversation. And thanks to Lauren and Farrell for inviting me to Sister Disco, clearly one of my favorite blogs.

Now, other internet wallflowers, if I can do it, anyone can. Your blog is calling you. Get started.

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