Coast To Coast

Lauren is the question master this week, which means I have some things to share.


Q.  What’s your favorite aspect of your new apartment?

A.  More than anything, I love that I can make my own meals. I have been “on the road” as it were for almost a year and it feels amazing to finally be in my own home. I am loving having my own home again – down to the food I put in my body to the clothes I wear to express myself.

Q.  Do you have a good dinner party recipe/meal recommendation?

A.  Well, you all saw my citrus salad from Saturday. However, the BEST dinner party I ever threw was a pizza party. I had each guest bring their favorite topping and I provided the dough and sauce (both homemade). It was a such a great icebreaker and everyone was full!

Q.  I know how much you like asking other people questions.  What’s an answer you recently got from someone that surprised you?

A.  If you know me, you know that I ask a lot of questions. Since being in a new place, I need to tone down the questions I have when I meet people because I have so many. I just want to know immediately, “Are you happy?!”  I have come to realize that those questions can be really intense for people sometimes.

No matter what, I am ALWAYS surprised when people ask me the same question back because I always find it hard to answer. Isn’t that funny?

Q.  What class from high school or college do you think back on most in your life?

A.  Wow, great question sister friend! I took a class that was offered at my ALL GIRLS catholic high school called Dangers of Indifference. It was a highly reflective, intense and interactive class on the differences in cultures and the important of tolerance. It was amazing.

Q.  How have you been liking Kundalini yoga class?

A.  Oh boy! I went to my first kundalini yoga class this week and it is really a strange experience. In the class, you do a lot of chanting while doing certain poses. It is meant to clear blocks in your chakras. I found it more challenging than I expected. I am still interested and will go back again.

Thanks for the questions, Lauren. I miss you.

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