Food Swings: Cambodia and Vietnam

It seems like time is moving so fast.  We’ve already been in India for over three weeks but I had to write about all the crazy, awesome (and not so awesome) stuff we ate while we were in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The best thing we ate in Cambodia was Kumer Curry at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant in Siem Reap. It is a coconut based curry with sweet potato, carrots and onions. It was so delicious.  When our Cambodian friend, Sombum, invited us to his village, we spent a day eating all the wonderful local food they made for us. The desserts made from all kinds of rice and potatos were our favorite.

In Vietnam, obviously Pho is where it’s at. Though I haven’t really been eating meat all too much since I have been here, I did get Chicken Pho and it was seriously amazing. The flavors of Vietnam were all in there.  Lime, anise, lemongrass and chilis make for the freshest bites of your life. Al ate a lot of Banh Mi. His favorite was this one from Nha Hang Ngn Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. I had their amazing spring rolls.

There is no way I could write this post and not mention the Vietnamese coffee. Can I just say, DANG! So good.  Also, when we were on the old junk boat in Halong Bay, we made fried spring rolls. They are so easy to make. Roll up some carrots, onion and mushrooms and wrap em up!

And lastly, there was this…


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