Gimme Five

Ahh, Friday.  Nice one.  This was a long week, for me anyhow.  Not even for any real reason but I’m still ready for a little downtime (also really looking forward to the weekend which is to include a visit to a rooftop farm and seeing my wonderful friend in her first appearance on Boardwalk Empire!).  In the mean time, while we’re here for the moment, if you’re over 30 yrs old and have never had cancer, please join me below.  If you’re anyone else, please come as well.

The American Cancer Association is looking for people ages 30-65 without a personal history of cancer to enroll in a groundbreaking study in cancer prevention.  See if your state has participation locations here; you can decide if you want to enroll while you’re checking.  It’ll take five minutes or less.

If research participation doesn’t feel like the right thing for you right now, you can Like or Share this information to get it out to others.

Happy weekend.

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