Homie of the Day: Dr. Loni

I was recently at an event with other Airbnb hosts from the New York City community and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Loni.  In addition to hosting travelers in her home in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, Dr. Loni has begun holding a monthly fish fry in her back yard.  She came up with the idea after a number of her guests expressed an interest in having more authentic, in-home experiences while visiting New York City.  Though the fish fry events are mainly set up for travelers, they are open to anyone looking to make real, community-building connections.

I immediately loved the spirit behind Dr. Loni’s concept and, though I was out of town and unable to attend myself, I asked Dr. Loni if she would give us a recap of the inaugural Fish Fry.  It seems that karma had a good amount to do with the success of the evening, which we so enjoyed reading about!  Thanks, Dr. Loni, for sharing it with us!


Adventures of Karma!!!

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Well Karma was out and about last weekend and boy did she have a blast at the first FISH FRY FRIDAY at Dr. Loni’s Place.  Dr. Loni told folks that the party was actually all because of her and that just tickled her pink!

Although the fish and chips received some really good reviews, demonstrated by empty plates, the best part was the amazing folks that showed up.  Karma pulled in childhood friends, family, folks she met on the bus, coders, artists, other Airbnb hosts, inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs – all who were happy to sit in the garden and bounce the positive vibe back and forth.

The next event is Friday, October 5th – rain or shine – and Karma will be there with bells on.

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