Everybody feeling good about the week ahead?!  I hope so.  But before it’s time to get down to business, we’re taking a look back to see what you’ve been seeing.  Much appreciation to this week’s photo contributors.

Lauren – BedStuy, Brooklyn
A warm and seasonal welcome at Dr. Loni‘s Soul Food Saturday.
Thanks for hosting everyone.  It was wonderful!


Janna – Chicago, IL
Walking by the “The Bean”

The view from Shedd Aquarium on a rainy day.


Bridget – Columbus, OH
Weekend visit to Cbus.


Juani – Toronto, ON
Octoberfest. I was kicking myself for bringing a costume, then wimping out on wearing it because about 40% of attendees did.

Bavarian grilled cheese with curry ketchup and a pickle.

The best hefeweisen I’ve ever had – and I’m a hefe lover. It was like banana bread with an after taste that just wouldn’t quit.


Show us the world through your eyes.  Send over a picture and we’ll post it next week.

Email me, yo. Lauren @

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