Take Five

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A little run down of five things I’m feeling pretty into at the moment:

1. This necklace.  I enjoy looking at it.  Maybe at some point I’ll also enjoy wearing it.


2. This Newspaper Blackout Horoscope.  Every month Austin Kleon does these blackout horoscopes. They’re so fun to read.  This is mine for September.  Read yours here.


3. This book.  I’m only at the beginning but this collection of letters written by anonymous people to online advice columnist, Sugar, fill me with so much emotion I can almost only read a few in a single sitting. “Sugar” (or Cheryl Strayed) responds to each with so much care, injecting tales of Sugar’s life along the way. I’ll let you know my final summation when I’ve finished but this book has made a huge impact in its first 100 pages.


4. This thank you note.  Leah Dieterich writes a thank you letter a day.  This one cracks me up because I relate to it so well.


5. This song. Really loud!

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