Sharks Bay, Koh Tao

We have been in Thailand for three weeks now and it’s been a beautiful whirlwind of island hopping.  As you know, we started off in Railay Beach and island hopped through the three main islands in the Gulf of Thailand. It was as awesome as it sounds. We stayed in this tiny bungalow on Bottle Beach in Ko Phangan for a week while reading (Shantaram is an amazing book), eating (not me, the food has been making me sick), swimming and watching storms roll in day after day.

Ko Tao (turtle island).

View from our bungalow in Bottle Beach, Ko Phangan

Bottle Beach, Ko Phangan. My favorite place so far.

After a couple weeks on the islands, we headed to Bangkok to sort out our Indian visas.  It’s pretty crazy here, with chaotic transit system.

Public ferry transit.

And shopping malls are impressive.

We are getting eager to head to Vietnam and Cambodia from here. But before then, how cute are these?!

  1. You have no idea how deliriously excited each of these posts make me! I cannot wait to get there in a year!

  2. Farrell said:

    You guys will have the best time ever! Hit me up if you need any advice.

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