After a plane, two public “buses”, one VIP coach – or pimp mobile (see below), one tuk tuk and one small boat, we have arrived in the most beautiful place I have ever been.


Railay Beach, though part of mainland Thailand, is only accessible by boat as it is surrounded by limestone cliffs. I couldn’t help but have great expectations as we busted our asses trying to get here. There were times when I mumbled, “this place better be amazing.”  Oh and it is, It so truly and wonderfully is.

There are no cars, and barely any people as it is low season. Plus, the island where they filmed the movie “The Beach” is so close and most tourists go there.  After we found our 7 dollar a night accomodations (it’s rugged) we walked around this place with our jaws dropped.  I kept looking at everyone we passed with an usually unreturned expression of excitement.

(photo via here)

There are cliffs and caves and little paths and hikes to hidden lagoons all over this place.  There are three beaches, one which you have to rock climb or swim to at low tide.  There are caves to swim into and sunsets that will make you cry.  There are a gang of monkeys that stole my Gatorade right out of my hand.

Because of the landscape, people are here mostly here to rock climb.  It makes for a great, laid back atmosphere – and cool people around.

I am having trouble uploading my pictures, so bare with me on the minimual ones that I have included. As always, there is so much more to come.

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