Up and at ’em

I really struggle when it comes to getting up in the morning.  Always have.  I’ve just never been a morning person.  But with summer rapidly approaching fall, I’m finding myself motivated to get on a better sleep schedule – and perhaps even create a morning routine.  Wouldn’t that be novel?!

(sunny bedroom image via pinterest)

I was recently listening to the “Try something new for 30 days” TED.com talk by Matt Cuts, in which he explains that new habits can form in 30 days time. He talks about how giving something a go for thirty days enables you to actually become the kind of person who _______ (insert whatever it is you aspire to), instead of just admiring that trait/activity in others.  So that’s my plan.  Thirty days, here I come.


What would you try for 30 days?  Have any tips for getting up in the morning?

  1. ancient.column said:

    A sure fire way to get up in the morning is to get an old dog who will pee on your carpet if you don”t take him out.

    • Lauren said:

      stranger things have happened

    • Lauren said:

      Thanks and excited for you!

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