Homies of the Day: Amber and Graham

We met Amber and Graham a couple of days after we arrived in Gili Trawangan.  They were the perfect people for us to meet and at just the right time, since they have been traveling the exact route that we are headed on.   They gave us tips about visas, scams, places to stay and to eat, etc.  We also laughed hysterically and had a blast spending time with them. 

Where are you from?

Amber:  Victoria, Canada
Graham:  Newton Hill, Scotland

How long you have been traveling?

For 14 months now. We left Scotland on June 8, 2011 and have been traveling through Southeast Asia ever since.

Favourite place?

Sri Lanka.  The people are some of the most friendly we met during our travels.  Also, the food was amazing and cheap.

Biggest lessons learned?

Amber:  I have learned to let go. I have also realized what home really has to offer.  All the answers are inside, not outside.

Favorite book you’ve read on your travels?

“Shantaram.”  It’s amazing!  It is about an Australian convict who escapes to India.  We literally split the book in half so that we could both read it.

Amber:  “The Art of Happiness” by the Dali Lama was another one of my favorites.

Craziest place you stayed?

We couch surfed most of our way, which saved heaps of money.  Staying at a Polish guy’s apartment in the ghetto of the Philippines was pretty scary.

What’s the first thing you will do when you get home?

Amber:  Eat scallop potatoes and ham.  My favorite!

Graham:  Wear jeans and play with my dog, Nelson.


We had a great time chilling on the beach with you guys in Gili T.  See you soon!

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