Dance, Dance, Dance


(photo via Flickr)

I desperately miss New York.  I can’t believe I am saying this, as I spent the last year cursing all the things I hated about it.  I think most of that was to psych myself up to leave that grand city.  New York was my home – the place where my lovely bedroom was and all my wonderful friends are.  Sure, I didn’t see them as often as I wish; that’s the way the city life goes.  Sometimes months would pass without a word from a friend.  It’s a wonder that you actually make real friends in NYC, given how fast time flies in that wonderful city.

Mostly, I miss dancing with my friends. I am talking about sweaty, five hour dance sessions in pitch black rooms filled with people letting loose. I have flashes in my mind of certain songs that just brought it out of us some nights.

Here are some songs I hear in my mind when I think about those sweet, sweet New York nights. The kind of nights you sometimes need so badly you can feel it in your bones.

  1. karen said:

    the dancing (and we) miss you too!!

  2. ancient.column said:

    I know how you feel

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