Dîner en Blanc

On Monday evening after work a few friends and I (dressed all in white) hauled four folding chairs and a folding table to the corner of 73rd Street and Amsterdam Ave. to meet up with a small group of fellow participants in New York’s second Dîner en Blanc.  From there we were led to the event’s secret location to set-up for an elegant, outdoor picnic in white.  Keeping the location secret until the last minute is one of the defining characteristics of the Dîner en Blanc, which started in Paris several years ago but is now held in several cities around the world.

We were told to be prepared for a 10-15 minute walk with all of our picnic supplies and suspected that we might find ourselves smack in the middle of Central Park’s Sheep Meadow.  While Central Park would have been a lovely location, we were quite pleased to instead be led to Lincoln Center.

Once our group arrived, we – along with over three thousand others – set up our table and unpacked the plates, glasses, silverware and food we’d brought along (no paper or plastic allowed).

We drank some wine, snapped a ton of pictures and made friends with our neighbors.

After the sun had set, and people had finished eating, the music was turned up and a bit of a dance party ensued.

C’était une belle nuit et je suis impatient de participer de nouveau l’an prochain!

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