There are moments on this trip where I read every second of every minute for days straight – and then at other times, not at all.  There are book exchanges at homestays or small bookstores filled with stories that backpackers left behind.  And so it goes; you end up reading whatever random book calls out to you and is a decent price, aka less than $2.

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I have noticed that the last 3 books I have read all relate to India in some form or another, which is psyching me up to have at go at backpacking through that contradictory country.  I have also noticed that I end up reading books about a place right before going there, only to wish that I still had that book in hand while in the place itself.  Most of the books are fiction and by the time I finish, I am obsessed with the author, and desperately need to know the story of his/her life.

These are my reads so far:

(Don’t hate)


I would love to hear any recommendations you have for books I should keep an eye out for.

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  1. Clarissa said:

    You can read the books of Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roy and R K Narayan ; you can definitely know India in a better way.

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