Monday morning here again, and as it goes we’ve got another round of photos to kick off the week.  The final throws of summer are officially upon us; I hope you have some time carved out over the next few weeks to enjoy them.


Mary – Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland
I’m in Ireland for a wedding, which has been lovely. But nothing has compared to a chance meeting I had with the unknown first cousin of my grandpa, John Gaughan.  My great grandmother left Ireland, and buried a child at sea,100 years ago; those she left along with those she had born always wondered about the other. The genuine joy we each shared to chance a meeting was beyond words.

We went to a free Saw Doctors show at the Waterford Spraoi Festival. They played their first show there and now again 20 years later.

Achill Island, County Mayo is actually the sister city of our own Cleveland, Ohio.  Apparently 20,000 people in Cleveland claim heritage from Achill, and they call it Little Achill (like the bar on the corner of Madison Ave. and 140th Street in Cleveland).

These are Maura’s geese in Achill; we let them out to the lake everyday.


Dave – Denver, CO
Alison playing a musical saw.


Julie – London, UK
Watching day 3 of the Olympics on the big screen.


Farrell – Thailand
More to come tomorrow…


Lauren – New York, NY
Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What have you been doing and seeing? Send us a photo for next week’s Picturesque.
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