Cleveland Day: Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Cleveland Day: Part 1 yesterday!  Here are the rest of the day’s activities:

After motion sickness from driving around Cleveland for hours finally became too much, I asked if we could stop. We ended up spending the rest of our tour in where else? Tremont!

We stopped to rest at the The Treehouse because of its awesome patio. We enjoyed a cold beverage and some insane cheesy tater tots.

One of my favorite couples lives in the neighborhood so we met them for some sake and a couple bites of sushi at Gingko. The sushi was fresh and delicious and the atmosphere was cozy. I recommend it!

Image from

In the interest of catching up with our friends, we headed to Edison’sa chill pub with over 100 beers.

After a long day, we said goodbye and met back up with our family for a late dinner down the street at Fahrenheit. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day!  Also, the pizzas are apparently amazing (pictured above).

Special thanks to my mom and godmother for taking us all over town and sharing stories of “their” Cleveland.

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